Awaken Your Spirit with Yoga!

The word Yoga originates from the Sanskrit word Yuj which means "to connect ". Yoga exercises have been developed to facilitate meditation. Indeed, once the body is under control, it becomes easier to meditate.

Yoga allows those who devote themselves to it regularly to refine their sixth sense, to calm the noise of thoughts, and to open their consciousness. As far as I am concerned, I take advantage of these benefits at all times, but this was not always the case. In the beginning, I lived my yoga practice for a long time on the physical plane only. Several years passed before other dimensions and subtleties were revealed to me. In particular, the spiritual aspect of yoga. Human life is filled with experiences on the plane of matter, but how to experience the invisible? How? 'Or' What? For example, developing your intuition and using it to live better and to move towards a presence of oneself, a greater awareness of subtle planes, and harmonization of one's being?

5 Rules of Life According to Yoga

There are 5 rules of life. In this,  we learn the actions that must be avoided to purify the mind and the body. They are as below:

  • Do not hurt: it is the spirit of non-violence as well in the acts as in the words and the thoughts.
  • Do not lie: It is the respect of the word. This is true integrity.
  • Do not steal: do not take what does not belong to us. Respect for the property of others.
  • Control your desires: Control the body's impulses (sexual desires). Control the mind (frantic craving for this car, this house).
  • Do not require possession: It is about simplicity. Don't be jealous of what others have.


Have you ever wondered if there is something more to this life that drives us? Something behind every moment, every situation? Believe that everyone follows a path and realizes at each step, a mission written in the genetic code of humanity. By going through more difficult trials when we move away from our center and by finding health and joie de vivre when we resume the path of our destiny ... How to explain these sensations, these feelings? Clairvoyance, clear hearing, feeling of already seen, waking dreams, hypersensitivity. These various experiments are of the order of psychic powers and are accessible to all, despite what many may think.

Some will feel directly concerned, others not at all. It's okay, there is no room for judgment when it comes to spirituality. Spirituality without religion, without identification, because identification generates the group, which in turn gives birth to a collective identity, false, well understood, like all identifications ...

Little by little, I realized that opening up to the spiritual facet of our existence was possible thanks to the application of certain principles. Here are five tips that can help you awaken your spirituality. Each of these tips helps me day by day to open my horizons, to seek the real answers inside me, and above all, they allow me to feel good, in contact, and harmony with myself and my environment.


Find your energy center


When everything is going too fast around us, when the surrounding stress is palpable, when external situations attack us: taking a moment to reconnect is crucial. By watching our breath, letting the air in and out of our body. Breath is the best indicator of our stress level. If he is absent, blocked, it is time to regain his balance to live better and in full awareness of the present moment, whether it is pleasant or not.


Be Attentive 


Listen to the sounds, hear the noises, observe what is happening inside, physically, but also emotionally, reactively. Even if everything around continues to rotate at high speed. Take the time to live. Every moment, every moment. Look your interlocutor in the eyes, feel the scent that comes to you. Taste what nourishes you literally and figuratively, bring your attention to the feeling present through the five senses, and eventually, your sixth sense will open by itself. It may not be accessible on the first try, you will have to choose the time and the Monday morning meeting at the office may not be your first choice, but everything in its time. Little by little, your vision of things will change and you will be more in contact with new stimuli.


Be curious


The more time you allocate for this emerging interest, the more it will bring you in return. Some say that in 30 days, you can change your lifestyle. Start with 5 minutes of meditation every day and add 1 minute to each session. Create space in your schedule for mindfulness. Find a place to relax at home and create a ritual, a sacred space through which you can meditate.

Several works exist on the subject of spirituality and its multiple voices. Inquire; be curious, ask questions of people around you, you never know! For my part, the books of Patricia Darré, French author discovered via a friend I met during a healing weekend did me a lot of good. We all have the opportunity to open up to this facet of life. Some will want to keep it for themselves, others will want to share their experiences and feelings with others.

Give yourself the chance to try new activities. Take part in internships, retreats for renewal, spiritual initiation often guided by masters in the field, shamans, yogis, or others. These individuals will be able to accompany you on this new path.


Have faith


Sometimes it's easier to doubt. Doubt yourself, your feelings. Between what we live and what others live, between what we should think like a particle of mass and what we can live and feel inside in real-time, there are sometimes gaps that widen and we lock himself in for fear of being rejected, judged or taken for the village madman ... Having faith requires absolute confidence. Strength to believe in yourself, to respect our 'feelings', and to honor them. This does not mean that we have to argue with the Cartesians or even to shout on the rooftops that we hear and see things that others do not perceive, it simply means to welcome what is happening at the moment, to honor it and if sharing and exchange are necessary at the moment, believe me, you will know.


Letting go, accepting and recognizing


After all, it is about sensations, perceptions, and extra-sensory visualizations, nothing more. They are part of the big game just like the rest so what's the point of getting carried away, being impressed, or even wanting to tell everything on the pretext that we are living special and extraordinary things !? Keeping certain experiences for oneself, savoring this knowledge of oneself, and of what surrounds us is also a present. Mindfulness, in silence ... After all, it is not because no one sees the tree fall in the forest that the tree is still standing ... What is, is. Simply. Let us accept what presents itself to us, let go of all attachment to these experiences without denying them, and fully savor every second that is added during our human existence.