Manifesting with The Full Moon : Feel & Receive Her Magic!

The full moon is the "peak" of a cycle and the best time to dive deep into your inner world. After the full moon, the moon goes into its waning phase and thus from the male YANG to the female YIN energy. The best time to trust yourself in the process of life, to go into self-healing, to reflect, and to unblock. It is the energetic house cleaning, so to speak, that we should all do regularly. Deal honestly with yourself.

If you have set your intentions on the new moon, you can now stop and see what has already manifested for you and where a little inner work is still needed. This inner work is about forgiving and letting go of your old story. Becoming aware of your negative thoughts, bad habits, and negative people pulling you down and letting go. It is also about feeling and selling the feelings that we consider unsightly, such as fear, guilt, anger, anger, jealousy.

In short: your job at full moon is to illuminate your shadow parts in the healing light of the full moon and thus to become whole again. Now is the perfect time to fully get back into your inner center and to bring your life into balance.


Manifesting with the moon 

 Forgiveness, the utmost important part of successful manifestation 

Forgiveness does not mean approving what someone has done to you. It simply means freeing yourself from the unsightly feeling of constant reproach. Forgiveness is not about doing the other a favor, it is about doing yourself. It is about making you feel better. As long as you stay in this reproach, you will remain lacking. If you feel bad, you're vibrating at a damn low frequency. And the universe is swinging very high, on frequencies of joy and gratitude. So you are constantly sending a frequency of the lack of the universe because you are constantly thinking about the injury someone has inflicted on you. And this reproach, which is just a thought, makes you feel bad. And since feelings are the language of the universe, you're constantly sending out what you don't want The answer to the question why you keep drawing the same experiences or people into your life.

How good that the full moon helps you to separate yourself from this old crap once and for all and bring back the power over your life. Yes, exactly, as long as you react emotionally, the other person has power over you. And that is exactly the exciting sticking point in forgiveness: to get your power back. Take control of yourself and your life again.

Your reality is a mirror of your inner world. And especially in relationships, we get that reflected every day. Nowhere can you grow as in a relationship - so small by the way. So if someone pushes your buttons again and triggers yourself to the point of no longer going, you have two options:

A) you start to whine, you are annoyed, you feel bad and you mess up your day #self-love cellar.
B) you act responsibly and full of self-love for yourself and ask yourself which lesson you can learn here.

Always remember, that Plan B always leads to success.
For example, if you get upset about your partner because he prefers to lie on the couch instead of helping you around the house, ask yourself:
where do I allow myself too few breaks? why do I think I have to do it all by myself? (Do I think it will give my partner more recognition? where do I not communicate my needs? I could list a few more, but I'll just let it go. To stay with the example: Your partner always triggers in you what you do not allow yourself or what you have a topic with. So instead of nodding tell him to move his ass and help you please;) Maybe not exactly, but you know what I mean. Men often just don't check it. They don't come up with the idea of ​​helping you. You have to teach them that. It worked out quite well for me. Also, give him a chance to help you by telling him and not expecting without saying a word. Men are really bad at mind reading.
And expectations are a sign that you are still lacking. By the way, in my online cycle Manifestation Mastery, which starts on the new moon after next on July 20, it is also very intensively about the topic of speaking your truth, standing up for yourself and boosting your self-worth. Because if you only ever give in small, in the hope that ... then it will be nothing with the fullness.

So, to come back to forgiveness: everything is a mirror. Your children, your boss, your colleague, your dog, your insta ... and yes, these mirrors can get in your way. To accumulate negative energies as little as possible, it is important to forgive these mirrors (or ass angels as Robert Betz calls them) at the full moon so that you can continue on your path of the heart.


Forgive, let that shit go! 

Again: As I said, forgiving does not mean forgetting or approving. It means freeing yourself from the debilitating feeling of reproach. Think about your frequency ...
How to find out who you can forgive:
Who gets on your nerves?
Who makes you (especially) sad?
Who particularly hurt you?

Pull back, make yourself comfortable, and go inside. Take a deep breath and connect to your Cosmic Self. Ask for loving care if that feels right to you. Get a sheet of paper and remember the person you want to forgive. Then you write down his name. What are you blaming this person for? Write it down. Let it all out.
Close your eyes and let that person appear before your inner eye. Imagine that this person smiles at you lovingly and is immersed in a pink light curtain. (Pink is the color of love and also a color of the heart chakra). Let a loving mood arise between you. Then say out loud or for you: I'm sorry I blamed you. And I forgive you. And then let the person fly away in the pink veil of light.

Burn the paper to a fire-proof place where you can't set fire to anything. This ritual releases the energies in your etheric body and transforms them into love.

Manifesting with the moon

Gratitude,  is also essential for successful manifestation 

With forgiveness, you release the feeling of anger and resentment and now have to replace it with something new and positive to reunite. The best thing to do is with gratitude because gratitude makes you feel better and vibrates pretty high and also increases your frequency! And you know, the better you are and the higher you swing, the easier it becomes to manifest. Now you've leveled the ground to manifest the rest of your New moon Intention List. So be excited!

Be grateful,  Receive all the blessings!

When you feel grateful, it gives your manifestations an extra boost of power. You know - B & B. Besides, gratitude is super practical for calming down your ego, which otherwise gets in the way of manifesting with sayings such as "you still can't do it, you never do it, you don't deserve it". And no one can use that when successfully manifesting.

Think of 3 things, people, moments that you are thankful for. Feel this gratitude in you. Try to feel this feeling in every cell of your body. The best thing to do is smile.
Write down a gratitude list and everything you are thankful for (you should bring together about 10-20 things)

Burn this list too to let go of everything and release the energies of love.
Speak out loud or for yourself: thank you for my life. It is a present. I am blessed. thank you!

The Moon has fascinated people for hundreds of years, and good reason. We are so connected to its energy, powerful and majestic, that we can channel it to help us realize our wishes and projects. With its help, and that of the Angels, you can ~

Manifest whatever you want in your life!

The high level of energy offered by the Full Moon is an excellent opportunity to “ load ” your lists of objectives, your visualization tables, but also your crystals, your oracle cards, etc. In short, everything related to your spiritual development and your capacity for manifestation.