Self Love : Love Yourself Deeply

The term self-love is widely used by the vast majority of people, but it is not understood by everyone. Self- esteem or self- love is a set of attitudes that create a state of acceptance. Self-love allows you to experience pleasure, the joy of living, to find charm in life, participates in inner balance, and certain well-being. Our image structures our behavior. Indeed, self-love manifests itself in our actions and our inner experience, our feelings. Our image is fundamental to structure our behavior and through it, our relationship with others.

We know that the vision we have of ourselves is only a construction of our mind. The image that one has of oneself, whether at the level of one's physique or these intellectual or relational capacities, is defined by the relationship between the image that one perceives of oneself and the image of a self-perceived as ideal. That's when you feel good about who you are! So when we realize this legitimate and deep love for ourselves, we realize the influence and meaning that this feeling has on our lives.

With self-love, we live very well. Without it, we deal very badly with everyday problems, project a fragile and often unreal image of ourselves. The reality is that this concept is not much taught in our regular educational system. As children, we absorb everything around us. The good and the bad. Often the lack of this self-esteem is caused by childhood trauma. The lack of filter in the words to deal with a child. That is why I always reinforce the people around me the importance of always stimulating, encouraging, and showing the good things, the positive side for children. Limiting beliefs arise from the things a person has absorbed since childhood.


Our Conditioning


When it comes to getting a child's attention, "Watch Daddy!" "Watch out Mom"! You may be putting a seed of insecurity and inferiority in your beloved child. Never use words to diminish a child because of a prank. This happens a lot. Never call your child stupid, ugly, or never say that he is not capable of anything. These actions will impact the individual throughout his life. A person's well-being is connected to their self-esteem.


What is self-love


It is necessary to understand what self-love means, to be able to find a balance. If loving too much makes you narcissistic, unable to see your true qualities and defects. Loving yourself less can characterize you as a pessimistic person, unable to perceive a better future for himself, unable to find his value.


Self Love: What Does It Mean?


Self-love depends upon cultivating below behaviors, we will look into brief detail about these later in the article:

  1. Always Be Conscious And Connected
  2. Live according to your needs and not your desires
  3. Don't Forget Personal Care
  4. Create Limits For You
  5. Forgive yourself


Benefits of Sel-Love


Many daily attitudes will help you improve your self-esteem. These attitudes will benefit over time, building self-love is not instant magic. A self-love is a form of self-appreciation, which helps you to see life and difficulties with much more positivity and spirit. Self-love improves our physical and mental health as well as providing spiritual growth for many.


How to develop Self-Love?

Many activities will help you build that self-love:


  • Taking care of your physical image
  • Share qualitative time with the people you care about
  • Find pleasurable activities in your time of solitude
  • Learn to enjoy your life as it is
  • Understand your defects and especially your qualities


Self-love always grows according to our attitudes. When we have strong self-esteem we accept our defects much better, providing resilience and capacity for change. We were able to focus on our purposes and the stages of the objectives that will be accomplished with our effort. But how is it possible to start feeling this strong feeling of growing self-esteem and self-love that transforms lives? Countless experts and psychologists around the world formulate methods and techniques that can help you feel self-love. 


So let's take a look at these 5 STEPS TO INCREASE YOUR LOVE:


Always Be Conscious And Connected

A characteristic that always identifies those who have good self-esteem is a strong opinion. That is, those who have self-love know what they think, what they want, and what they are feeling. This comes from the awareness of who they are, always trying to put their own will into practice without acting on other people's opinions. The taste and purpose of the people around you will not influence your ultimate goals. Being aware means always knowing when you are emotionally and well, it means understanding your own needs.


Live according to your needs and not your desires

When you start to love someone it doesn't mean that you can make them happy. Happiness is something individual and depends solely on our will. Loving someone does not mean fulfilling all wishes like a genie in the lamp, but facilitating their needs. Loving yourself is pretty much the same. Understanding what you need is going to be better for your mental health. This will keep you away from the automatic desires inherent in life in society. We often unconsciously desire products because we believe that with them we will be more accepted. This is not true! Staying on this path is giving voice to a feeling that happiness is only to be found in the future “when I have this when I do that, then I will be happy ''. Remember your needs first, then your desires.


Because You Are Important, don't Forget Personal Care

Self-love increases whenever we begin to pay more attention to our basic needs.

Those who nurture self-love  always prioritize the following topics:

  • Your food, learn to eat. Certain foods make us more tired, swollen increasing sedentary lifestyle. 
  • Physical activity. Learn to do some physical activity, even if it is of low intensity, but keep an exercise routine.
  • Have a good night of sleep. We often feel our mind very tired, this tiredness can be lack of a good night's sleep, at least 8 hours.
  • See people, have social interaction. Seeing people is good for us, talking to those we love is good for our self-esteem.


Create Limits For You

Whoever wants to have self-love has built limits for himself, those limits come from self-knowledge. When we know each other we know what we can and cannot do daily. Sometimes drinking beer until dawn can ruin your whole routine and hurt you, so why do that? The word "No" is the strongest in our entire vocabulary. You need to use that word whenever you notice harmful desires approaching.


Forgive yourself

Don't blame yourself for everything that happens in your life, mistakes are very important and you wouldn't be who you are without those mistakes. Forgive yourself, understand that this action greatly improves its value, brings a sense of acceptance increasing your self-esteem. You need to value yourself more, you need to find your qualities amid your defects.  Self-love needs to be built up little by little. Remember that it is always possible to start again.



All of the researches always arrive at the same conclusions with similar techniques that stimulate self-knowledge. One of the most important steps towards acceptance and high esteem is self-awareness! To help you achieve this dream of self-love, discipline and focus are needed. From now on, it is necessary to create a routine of attitudes that must be exercised constantly.