Singing Bowls : Relax and Wake up

Solid matter is made up of atoms, which can be thought of as elementary balls that come together. The balls are arranged to form molecules and can be arranged irregularly or an orderly fashion, it is then a crystal. The crystalline state is defined by a periodic and ordered character at the atomic or molecular scale. A crystalline solid is formed by the periodic repetition in 3 dimensions of space of an atomic or molecular motif, called a mesh. In our environment, crystals are ubiquitous. The most common are snow, sugar, salts, gems or silicates, a class of minerals that make up 97% of the earth's crust.

The use of crystal bowls which has now spread widely is a bit of a coincidence. Originally, these bowls were created by the computer industry which used their resistance to extreme temperatures in the production of electronic components. This was before we became aware of their vibrational and acoustic properties.

"Awaken yourself with singing Bowls"

The multidirectional sounds of these quartz vessels induce an Alpha electric cycle in a few minutes, a rhythm that oscillates between 7 and 13 cycles/second. It is interesting to note that at this rate, the two cerebral hemispheres work together, in harmony. Thus, these sounds quickly provide deep relaxation, both physically, emotionally and mentally. This precious letting go allows everyone to wake up to multiple dimensions of being, as did their ancestor, the Tibetan bowl. The fundamental difference comes from the mineral material of which it is made.

Because our contemporary lives often take us away from the essentials, we urgently need to slow down to conquer a space of calm and wisdom at the very heart of ourselves! The crystal energy displayed by the sounds and vibrations of the singing crystal bowls is a precious ally on this path of awakening to oneself and the world.

"A Sonic Shower to Balance your Chakras"

From the same postulates, the use of crystal bowls has widely spread in the context of energy therapies that aim to rebalance the chakras. Vibratory medicine is based on the idea that any disease or discomfort is a blockage of energy channels. These can be chakras or energy meridians. When the energy network of an organ is no longer adequately supplied, it stops vibrating at its frequency and suffers from degradation of its energy. The sound should help dissolve the blocking point which has thus become knotted.

However, we were able to highlight a system of correspondences between the energy centers of the body, the colors of the rainbow and the seven notes of the scale. To explain the remarkable virtues of crystal bowls, one must take into account their specific acoustic properties. Physics teaches us that the natural harmonics of a note are given by the frequencies (expressed in Hertz) multiple of the fundamental note. When, for example, you press the C key on a piano, you will hear the note C and, which resonate with less intensity, its harmonics: the C at the upper octave, a G, and E … However, the particularity of crystal bowls comes from the fact that they are almost without harmonics, in other words, that the fundamental is of an unusual intensity. The contrast in this with the harmonic richness of the Tibetan bowls and make it possible to obtain a vibratory frequency of great purity.

Crystal bowls also hold, as well as Tibetan bowls or symbols, a special place in the practice of sound therapy. Arranged on or around the body, the bowls resonate and the spirit penetrated by the sound subsides. For example, you can lie down and install a deep bowl that takes root in front of the feet, and at the top of the body another with a higher, elevating sound. If the bowls have been carefully chosen and their tones match, their effect will be multiplied. Likewise, the association of Tibetan singing bowls whose sound envelops you and the impression of a sonic shower that crystal bowls provide will open up a world of new sensations.

"Harmonious Meditation"

At any stage of initiation, the use of crystal bowls enriches our practice of meditation. By rotating the wand on the edge of the bowl, while you give your body a slow and regular movement, you feel from your hand the vibration that diffuses through your body. Your attentiveness sharpens, supported by this sound, a harmonious image of silence.



What is a crystal bowl?

Originally, crystal bowls were laboratory crucibles made of natural quartz. For about twenty years, they have also been used for their qualities and their therapeutic and awakening virtues.

Their sonic and vibratory particularity is a multidirectional sound just as powerful as subtle, which envelops the body, increases the vibratory rate and favors the "inner journey".

What are the properties of quartz?

The quartz is one form of crystalline silica. It is a millenary mineral. It is semiconductor and memory. It is also known as an amplifier and its energy is of high purity and a very high level of vibration. It is an exceptional mineral that is everywhere in our civilization since it is one of the major constituents of all our electronic tools.

How to make a crystal bowl sing?

 Depending on the desired effect and your taste, you will choose from two ways to ring the crystal bowls, with different accessories.

    1. The first is to use a wooden stick covered with a strip of cloth. We put the bowl on a small rubber washer which serves as a support, we start by hitting the bowl then we rub the stick firmly against the edge of the bowl. And as this circular movement continues, we feel the vibration grows. With a little practice, you will learn to "follow the sound" that seems to move with the stick around the bowl and to maintain a constant frequency.
    2. In the other method, we replace the stick with a mallet, similar to what the xylophonists can use. We hit the bowl with the latex ball that covers the top of the baguette. The resulting sound, akin to that of a chime, is shorter but has a more energetic attack.