Why Crystals?

Crystals are the blossom of the mineralogical portion of the earth; recognizing the beauty and loving energies of these stones can greatly enhance personal development. They are the infinite sparks of creativity and individual universal energies.

Crystals have been around since the dawing of time, We have evidence that crystal healing has been practiced for over 6,000 years. Precious stones of crystalline formation were used in the foundation of new Jerusalem [Revelations]. Aaron the Hebrew high priest used them on his Breastplate [Exodus]. Crystalline structures have been found in the ruins of Babylonia, the ancient tombs of Egyptian and Chinese rulers.  

So do crystals really work? That's up to you! The energies of the mineral kingdom are universal. When we are ready to Contact and receive the universal energies of crystals, we can exercise our Higher Will in conjunction with crystals and contact the energies from which the entire universe is comprised. Combining our intentions with crystals further stimulates personal energy and spreads our deepest desires widely out in to the universe. Remember! What you Think you BECOME, what you feel you ATTRACT, what you imagine you CREATE!